Union Army Facts

  • When Civil War began, approximately 16,367 men were in the U.S army, soldiers and officers
  • The U.S. army contained 10 regiments of infantry, five cavalry regiments and four artillery regiments
    • 197 companies
  • Of the 1108 officers, only five were generals (one major general and four brigadier generals)
  • 270 of the officer corps were from the South and 202 of them resigned and joined the Confederacy with 50 northern officers joining them. Some other officers resigned but the balance stayed loyal to the Union
  • By the end of the war, over 1,000 men served as generals for the Union or Confederacy leading everything from brigades to full armies.
  • At least 2 ½ million men served in the Union army at some point during the Civil War
  • 824 U.S. Military Academy graduates were on the active list at the start of the war. 296 resigned or were dismissed and 184 of them became Confederate officers
  • 400 out of 900 West Point civilian graduates joined the Union army while 99 did so for the Confederate side
  • Union to Confederate professional officer ratio was 642 to 283

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Photo: http://www.archives.gov/research/military/civil-war/photos/images/civil-war-010.jpg

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